January 04, 2009

My legendary fishing outing - July 3, 1966

It was just after my 8th birthday. I went fishing with my Dad at Rocky Point off Plymouth MA, where the Pilgrim nuclear plant is now located in Podunk, our 19-1/2 foot Grady White runabout. We were bottom fishing with sea clams on dual hook rigs. I said, "Dad, I think I've got something". I couldn't lift the rod. He took it from me, pulled on it and said, "You're caught on the bottom. Try to work it loose." I played with the rod for about 15 minutes or so trying to get it up, but couldn't budge it. It was time to head in, so my Dad took the rod again and started pulling on it. Surprised, he said you've got a fish! We were very surprised when the fish came into sight and it wasn't one, but two big cod, close to 10 pounds each. Those were the days. I posed for the photo in our backyard when we got in. A priceless memory.


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