November 18, 2011

Life jacket, whistle and a light. How simple it can be?

From sailworld via Rhode Island Yachting:

US Sailing awarded the Arthur B. Hanson Rescue Medal Saturday, November 5th to Sociable’s skipper, Robert Arzbaecher (Brookfield Wis.), and his crew at the race’s awards dinner at the Chicago Yacht Club for their rescue of six sailors from the yacht WingNuts which capsized on Lake Michigan in the midst of a storm during the Chicago Yacht Club Race to Mackinac.

Sociable skipper Robert Arzbaecher said, "A life jacket, a whistle and a light. My God, how simple it can be? But that’s what it was," on receiving the Hanson Rescue Medal this week. During the awards ceremony Arzbaecher marveled at how effective basic mandatory equipment was, including the simple Lifesling that many yachts carry hoping they will never have to use it.

I'll be adding whistles and lights to my PFDs this year.
Let's stay safe out there.
Sitting on the hard, already dreaming of spring.