June 22, 2012

Yacht Spotters Photo Contest - A little help?

Are you on Facebook?
Have you seen the Newport (RI) Yacht Spotters Photo Contest?

I entered the photo below of the schooner Adirondack II, and have been in a tight race with Kathy from NJ for first place. Right now I'm a few votes behind and am looking to drum up some more votes. I have a great Aunt who is in there voting every day, and she keeps asking me why I'm not in the lead. If you are a facebook regular and enjoy sailing, Newport Yacht Spotters aggregates a lot of interesting photos and news from Newport into your news feed. The contest is run through offerpop, which I checked out. They are a legitimate company, and have been around since 2009 with 35 employees, and some pretty significant accounts.

I find the contest platform a little clunky, but it seems to work, and I haven't been inundated with SPAM. So, if you like my pic, are on facebook and would like more sailing news and photos on your FB newsfeed, then please consider liking the page and helping me with your vote. You have to "like" the page before your vote will register. Please use the "vote" button. "Likes" on the photo don't count.

And if you have a better photo, of which, I'm sure there are many, then put yours in and join the contest! Thanks, I'll look for you on the water...