August 31, 2011

We made it through Hurricane Irene

Almost every boat on the Barrington River was well prepared for Hurricane Irene with sails and canvas removed. I removed my sails and dodger and secured the boat with a second mooring line. The Yacht Club was emptied into safe storage and boarded up.

We were fortunate the wind diminished to Tropical Storm force before Irene passed to our west. I was pleased that I didn't see or hear of any boats damaged in the river after the storm. The water reached the front door of the yacht club during high tide, but the surge was not catastrophic.
The wind was sustained over 50 knots for nearly four hours with peaks over 70 knots at the nearby Conimicut Point weather station.
hurricane Irene wind data Conimicut Light Narragansett Bay Aug 27-28 2011
My home was without Power from about 8:30 Sunday morning until 4:30 am on Tuesday. Many in the area remain without power. I was surprised it was restored so quickly. In Hurricane Gloria and Bob, it took 5 to 7 days for power to be restored.

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